Baby Liu

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adrie Stoete-Schiuteman is such an amazing sculptor, isn't she? This OOAK baby will be reproduced as a kit. What a darling girl! She has Blasian (black & Asian) written all over her face, and I simply can't wait to get my paws on her! hehe

Adrie says it will be a while before Liu is released, so I am glad to have Lotus to work on in the mean time. I know I promised progress shots of Lotus, but I don't have a camera at a moment. I sold my Canon 5D Mark II.

I know I said I loved the Canon 5D Mark II, and I still do, but my curiousity about Nikon got the best of me. I ordered one last night, and it should ship tomorrow! Yay!

I am fully aware that I have a camera buying/selling problem, and that I need professional help. hehe I'll seek help after I have fun with that yummy Nikon, I promise! LOL


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