Aisha by Marissa May

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aisha Prototype Reborn by Maria Rubio of Adorable Bebe Nursery

When I saw the prototype for Marissa May’s new kit Aisha on eBay, I immediately fell in love! I rarely see kits like Aisha being produced. Marissa really captured the true realism of an ethnic infant. Aisha’s nose and lips are delicately pronounced and proportionate -- she actually looks like a baby -- something that seems to be difficult for sculptors to achieve. I have seen many sculpts with over exaggerated ethnic features that cause the dolls to look like adults with baby bodies. Yikes—I just got a bad visual of the movie Little Man (2006) starring Shawn and Marlon Wayans. LOL

I signed on to Bountiful Baby’s website yesterday evening and I nearly had a panic attack when I saw Aisha only being offered in the “biracial” (tan-colored) vinyl. I held my breath and emailed Bountiful Baby to find out if Aisha would be offered in their light peach-colored (Caucasian) vinyl. Much to my delight, Bountiful Baby replied with a yes!

The news about Aisha was certainly welcome news because let me let you in on a little secret: Trying to reborn an ethnic doll from a pre-darkened vinyl kit does not work [for me].

It may work for other artists, but I have tried to reborn pre-darkened kits in the past and those dollies are tucked away in my "did not work out" bag. lol

In order to achieve optimal results, I have to start with a VERY blank slate that is as white as possible. The coloring on the lips, nails, palms and soles does not turn out correctly if the vinyl is pre-darkened in those areas. I have found it virtually impossible to lighten the dark vinyl. Well, it is possible, but it does not look attractive.

In fact, I wish there were pure white vinyl kits available. That way, I could mix my colors on a pure white palette and apply those exact colors to the pure white vinyl. No guessing games, no neutralizing, no lightening the vinyl required. I wish someone would sell me a prototype of a pure white vinyl kit to play with. Hint Hint, sculptors! LOL

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