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Friday, February 05, 2010

I have Reva Schick’s new Angelica child doll kit on my brain today, hehe. I have three of Reva Schick’s 27” child sculpts (produced by Middleton) in my doll collection, and they are so much fun to dress! They have cloth torsos which limit their clothing options, so I am excited about Angelica’s vinyl neck and chest. There is a dress with spaghetti straps by Luna Luna Copenhagen that has Angelica's name written all over it! I am so happy I finally have a reason to purchase it, lol.

I am also excited about Angelica’s hair! Rooted hair will be fantastic, but lace front wigs are also a gorgeous (albeit expensive) option. But if you think about it, 3.5 ounces of long, quality mohair from one of the top sellers will cost about the same as a beautiful human hair lace front wig. The wig I have my eye on is $300.

Lace front wigs are all the rage among celebrities and models. I first learned about them a few years ago while watching the Tyra Banks show. I watched a lace front wig installation video on YouTube today and I am sooooooo impressed with the wigs. They look perfect for reborns. Let’s see: I have glue and I have alignment skills. All I need now is an Angelica kit, and I will be all set! Haha

I know I promised a progress shot of Trinity today but I am still working on her brows. I will try to post it by Monday.

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  1. Good post. I love glueless wigs better. You may try it. :)




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