Pearl Moon Mohair

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I read today that Bountiful Baby has not been able to get any Pearl Moon mohair since early last year, and will most likely discontinue the brand altogether. I am just devastated! Pearl Moon’s dark curly mohair is a staple reborning product for me. I have used it for 6-7 years and I have never had a problem with dye bleeding. The soft, fluffy texture is just perfect for African-American reborns. The hair is so versatile! I can create soft ringlets using sculpting gel, or a curly ‘fro using my favorite leave-in moisturizers.

I have 3 ounces of Pearl Moon mohair in stock, but I can’t help but hyperventilate because Pearl Moon’s website has disappeared. I suppose the demand for Pearl Moon’s mohair is not high enough for vendors to bother purchasing it anymore. I realize that not many reborn artists have a need for fluffy fibers like I do. *cries*

Oh well, I will add fluffy mohair to my desperate search list along with nearly black, flat round glass eyes. There has to be a cute fluffy goat out there who is willing to share some of her curly hair with me, lol!


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