Pretty in Pink by Ashton Drake

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pretty in Pink by Ashton Drake is such a sweetie! I have not been able to get this baby out of my head since I saw a reborned version listed on eBay. That smile is contagious! Waltraud Hanl is one of my absolute favorite sculptors. Most of her sculpts have perfectly cute ethnic baby features...well, her babies look ethnic to me. I have been ethnic for a very long time and seen millions of ethnic babies up close and personal....and her babies look ethnic to me, lol! Sorry if that offends anyone. There is nothing wrong with looking ethnic, so no one should take offense, heheeee! I'm being silly. Hey, it is Friday, I am allowed to be goofy today. :)

Bottom line-- I just can't get enough of Waltraud's babes. I wish she would make kits for reborners. I would be the first reborner in the pre-order line! I may take the plunge and order Pretty in Pink. I have not worked with silicone vinyl in a long time and I would really like to. I love the way it looks and feels when it is painted. I am hesitant to order as I have so many half finished babies lying around. This sweetie may have to join my lineup though...she is just too cute to resist! Imagine how real she would look painted brown... :)


  1. This baby is on her way to me now! I'm Caucasian but think her sculpt would suit an ethnic baby doll. I'm so looking forward to her arrival.

  2. Hi Caleena! I never ordered this baby, but let me know how you like her! I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the face sculpt! :):)




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