How Long Will I Stick Around?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello everyone! Since my return, I have been asked the question "How long will you stick around?" by many readers. Before I answer, I would like to explain why I stopped writing the blog and hopefully at the end of my explanation, an answer will form, lol.

Time was not an issue when I decided to stop posting mid July. I ran out of blogging juice during that time because of the two portrait reborn dolls I was hired to create for a celebrity collector. That was a semi-secret project. I was asked not to discuss details about the portrait dolls and not to show pictures of them at any stage of their creation.

Since the main thing (and my favorite thing) I write about are my works in progress, I felt forced to fill the blog with other topics like infant fashion, product reviews, and new kits to compensate for the lack of painting topics. I have never taken a poll, but I am pretty sure readers mostly want to see what dolls I am working on as opposed to Baby Gap's new spring line, lol!

{I could have blogged about other dolls in progress but really I prefer to paint one kit at a time.}

So, that is why I lost my motivation for blogging this past summer. Please don't think I am complaining about the portrait order because I certainly am not. I enjoyed every second of reborning those babies and meeting their mom (my newest Internet bestie), secretly and all. If I ever work on another secret project, I may lose my steam again and mistake it for the end of blogging phase, who knows...

But rest assured that I will always be "around" the dolly community and responsive to email, even if I am not blogging. I am a collector first, an artist second, and above all: a serious I couldn't disappear even if I tried. I hope this answers the question. Thank you all so much for reading!

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