Awesome Mail Day

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't ya just love good mail days? Today I received the gorgeous Tanya by Gudrun Legler. What a sweetie pie! Tanya's box arrived very damaged, but she is absolutely flawless, thank goodness. My mom came over and noticed Tanya. Her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh, she is beautiful! You MUST do this one next!" Knowing my mom, that was not only a simple request-- it was an order, lol! So, Tanya will be next. :) My mom even renamed her Cali Dream.

And...drumroll please...I also received an Ariella kit by Reva Schick! This is my second Ariella kit. Gudrun and Reva are two of my absolute favorite sculptors in the whole wide world. Reva is the sculptor who started my baby doll craze as a teenager in 2000. She has been a huge inspiration to me. I used to spend hours photographing her Middleton babies. I am so glad she has kits for me to reborn! :)

Linda from Doll Dreams had a 20% off sale last Monday and I snagged Ariella for $50.36 plus shipping. I love her size and her perfect lips. I can't wait to turn her into a 'baby'. I have so many outfits for her. Thank you Linda for the perfect service and kit!

And I can't forget about the kitty! This kitten is made by one of my favorite collectible plush lines, Bearington. Her name is Bitty Blue Eyes and she is a Siamese. She meows the cutest meow when her left paw is squeezed! My plush obsessed 5 year-old daughter has already claimed Bitty. :) I have to order another one. She was only $5.99 shipped from Rose's website. Rose always ships quickly and offers all around perfect service. I love Rose's shoppe!

That's all for now. I am having an even better mail day on Monday, YAY! :) ** edited to add: Silly me, the mail ain't coming Monday, lol! :) Gotta love holidays.

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