Inspiration for Zakari

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pictured above is the real baby who inspired me to create Zakari. The Michelle kit by Evelina Wosnjuk has to be a portrait sculpt of this absolutely gorgeous baby. The resemblance is uncanny! The top lip is especially spot on...I love it! ♥ The Michelle sculpt is totally adorable. I can see why it ranked as the number one selling kit.

Zakari is coming along nicely. I am so happy with the way he is turning out! I snapped the progress photo of him with my cheapy cell phone. The bright lamp I used combined with the poor resolution washed out his rich skin tones and detailing. No worries, he is not as pale as he appears in the photo! His coloring is actually very similar to the real baby's. I will post better pictures here on the blog when my new lens arrives. :)

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