Baby Shower In A Box

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Me in colorful fantasy world :)

For those of you who sent kind words regarding Stephania’s box packing—thank you so much! Some asked about the additional cost for the gifts. There is no upcharge for my “Baby Shower in a Box”. It is included with every baby doll. Each of my doll mommies can expect to receive a double dose of spoiled divalicious me with each box opening, haha. The Brooke Nicole brand will remain synonymous with class and style. ;)

Magnetic pacifiers and tummy plates are available upon request and free of charge. Please send an email to request these items for your baby. Depending on your selected kit sculpt; I may be able to add them.  All of the babies listed on the sidebar have tummy plates.  Contact me to discuss magnet options. :)



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