Preston's To-Do List Explained

Monday, September 24, 2012

I wanted to explain what I meant about adding baby hairs to Preston.  Looking at his tester shot, I can see that his hairline is not as symmetrical as I’d like, so I need to add baby hairs to his right temple. Some say asymmetry makes dolls look more realistic, but I personally disagree. I crave symmetry, lol! I’d go crazy without it.

Also, for those who may want to order a Shyann face sculpt from me in the future, please allow an additional four weeks for your baby’s creation. Shyann takes longer for me to paint than most other sculpts.  In order to make Shyann look like he or she is breathing, I have to put my painting skills to the test. I basically paint a face on top of a blank vinyl face, and it takes a longggggg time.  With other sculpts, I can enhance features that are already present, but with Shyann, I have to add features plus enhance them.  Make sense?

If I went into more detail, I’d be giving away some of my very valuable business secrets, so I will leave the rest to your imagination! :) I just wanted to post this notice for anyone considering Shyann.

...and a photo of his curlicues!  I added a small dollop of Giovanni Direct Leave-In, and the ringlets just bounced right up and dried this way.  I love this mohair!  Thank you, Joanna! :)

Anywhoo, I will be back soon with photos of a completed Preston, and a sneek peek of my next baby, Sarah Bella! :)



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