Joaquin In Progress

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hi everyone! I am running a bit behind schedule as I had to take several days off. I came down with a nasty cold/flu thingy and did not want to touch the babies during that time. No worries, I am germ-free now, lol! :) I wanted to share a picture of little Joaquin. I hope to have him finished up real soon. I started on his hair rooting before I got sick, and now I have to finish it up. He is so precious! I love the Elodie sculpt!

Joaquin will wear this delicious ensemble chosen by his parents. It comes from Next, a European department store that is all the rage in the doll community lately. I am so glad Joaquin's parents turned me on to Next! I have ordered so many adorable things and well, you all know me, I will continue to order until my finger can click no mo', lol!  Next is awesome! Joaquin also has an amazing corduroy coat from Baby Gap that I can't wait to photograph.

I will be back soon! Milaine is still going to eBay. The cold really threw me off schedule, but I will finish her after Joaquin. Thank you everyone for your patience!



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