Retail Therapy & No More Reborn Sales

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My husband passed away two years ago today and needless to say, I am a bit sulky. I knew I would have a hard time today, so I made sure I ordered goodies to cheer me up. :)

My kit stash was low on sleepers, so I picked out three sleeping kits. The Heavenly kit by Nicole Russell (left) is just… wow! I am just speechless over her detailed and flawless design. I am usually eager to reborn blank kits, but with this one, I am afraid to touch her, lol! I have not decided on a skin tone for her yet, but when I do, there will be no stopping me. ;)

The Khian kit by Tina Kewy (right) is a kit I have wanted for a long time. I have been working on a skin tone that is much lighter than Honey Berry. It is called Toffee Rose, and I think Khian will look wonderful with that skin tone. I also have a Lincoln kit by Laura Lee Eagles on the way. :)

No More Reborn Sales 

I have received emails regarding future dollie sales, but I have to stop selling reborn dolls. I tried making the blog private to minimize advertising, but some on the layaway waiting list had trouble accessing the private blog, so I reopened it. As I mentioned before, I accepted Miliane’s prototype job as a favor to my friends in Deutschland, and I will have Milaine for sale soon. But other than that, I don’t expect to have more dolls for sale. I am only making dolls for those on the list through 2014. Thank you all for your interest, I truly appreciate it, and if anything changes, you all will be the first to know! :) :)




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