Lily Rain In Progress

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lily Rain is the Lotti sculpt by Karola Wegerich. She is absolutely darling! When Lily’s mommy first ordered her, I was not familiar with the Lotti sculpt at all. I usually have a vision for babies before I start working on them, but with little Lily, I was lost in the sauce, lol! I broke out my sketch paper and drew a picture of Lily (that I later colored with pastels) to help create some sort of blueprint for her creation. I found photos of my daughter as a newborn, and BAM—the perfect picture helped me absorb inspiration like a sponge. Awesome? Yessssir! :)

Lily’s cute baby smirk tickles me pink! :) She is so much fun. I used my brand new “BN Cross Etching” technique around her nose to add a slight bulbous appearance. Lily’s mommy was concerned that Lily’s facial features would not work for an ethnic reborn, but I assured mom Lily was perfect for an ethnic transformation. That big little nose seals the deal, lol. :)
I still have more work to do to Lily’s hair (duh), but I hope to have her finished up mid-next week. I can’t wait to see her all dressed up in Humphrey’s Corner!



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