Aisha in Progress - Part 1

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here is my beautiful Aisha kit by sculptress Marissa May. I have not done much to him yet. I am trying to match up the vinyl pieces because I ended up with a pink head, peach arms, one light pink leg, one extra pink leg, and an extra pink belly plate. I found the arms and belly plate tucked away in my reborning cabinet, so I ordered the legs from Bountiful Baby. When they arrived I noticed they were two different colors, lol! That’s okay; I am up for a challenge.

Wow, this baby looks so real even lying around in pieces barely painted, lol! The second I saw this face in person I saw a baby boy. There is just something that screams BOY about the jaw area. Anyone else see it? Maybe it is just me, lol. I am so excited about a boy because there are two Carter’s newborn outfits that I am dying to use for a reborn. I’ll post them tomorrow.

More of Aisha coming soon!

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