Found Them : Onyx Brown Glass Eyes!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Before I stopped blogging in July, I promised to update readers on the status of my search for very dark brown, almost black eyes with no red tint and a smaller iris. I have noticed the larger iris commonly found in eyes sold specifically for reborn dolls do not work for every kit. I like a lot of white to show on my babies' eyes. It is less alien-like, lol.

Anyway, Staci and I finally found mouth blown, full round eyes online at Axel Marx's doll shop, which is located in Germany. I can barely see the pupil in these eyes (which is a good thing!). The almost black color is identical to the color of my eyes which I have affectionately nicknamed onyx brown. I love myself, okay?... :)

The iris is definitely not as large as some I have seen, but to be sure I will have to try them on a doll. I do not have any kits that take a size 22mm eye in stock right now. I have one on the way and I'll post a picture of her wearing these eyes soon, promise!

Axel responded promptly with my invoice and shipped super fast! The eyes arrived in less than a week. Axel, if you are reading: THANK YOU!

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