Luke Sepia/Vintage Camera Setting

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This progress photo of Luke is from last week, I believe. I meant to post it then, but get over it, I am posting it now, hehe. :) I almost never play with my camera settings, but I was feeling adventurous during Luke's progress shoot and decided to click the vintage option. I love the hazy look! These cameras I use can do so many different things and I just take them all for granted. I took that picture using natural daylight.

Since this photo, I have fixed Luke's lips and nose. I would love to reborn another Shyann kit. It makes such a perfect Blasian baby. By the way, Luke's full name is Luke Dae-Eun to reflect his African-American/Korean-American heritage. :) I have never shared that, but I think I should. *wink*

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