Luke Sold, Future Reborning, No Prototypes

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good morning, everyone! I guess I don't really need to repeat myself based on the title of this post, but I will anyway, lol. Okay, here it goes: Luke is sold and I doubt I will have another reborn doll available for sale this year. Also, I am not able to reborn prototypes due to time constraints. So sorry to everyone who inquired. ♥

I have a busy summer ahead of me and that combined with my off and on struggle for motivation...

I would like to paint a second Ariella kit by Reva Schick and blog about the journey. It will be easier to blog about a sleeping baby because I won't have to include the warnings about the eyes, lol. I am also thinking on Michelle by Evelina Wosnjuk and Tatiana by Reva Schick. I will try to get base layers on one of the three kits by next week and see if I have the steam to carry on. Sound good? Good. :) Stay tuned for Luke's final photos.

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