Farewell to Julietta

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hi all! I shipped the little one off today, thank goodness. She sat around in a cabinet half finished for months until my hand healed. :( She's traveling to Germany to a fellow reborner named Alexa. I have not shipped a doll to Germany in years-- wait-- yes I have! I shipped Natalia to Germany last year. I can't believe I forgot about that. I loved Natalia! I am nervous about customs but I guess I shouldn't be. I just don't want customs to open the box and mess with Julietta's hair, lol! Sounds picky, but I like the hair to stay nice and neat during travel. I anchor the dolls to an interior box now so the hair stays in place.

I heard Julietta's mom will do a box opening video on Facebook. I love box openings! I am planning to have a front row seat. :) I'll also post the box packing pictures here. I still haven't posted Thomas' box packing, have I? I have a little bit of time while Kyra Legler is in the oven, yippee! Stay tuned.

Julietta arrived to Germany! Take a look at the box opening video on Facebook. Thanks so much, Alexa, for recording this video. Your kids are adorable! I am so glad the candy made them happy, lol! :):) I love your coloring and hair choices for Julietta. Enjoy!


  1. I cant Wait to Open the box :) this will be a unbelivable feeling. But You will See :)

  2. Aww Alexa :) I am glad you and Julia are finally getting your baby girl. I will see you on Facebook when she arrives next week.

  3. Yes but this Little one stays forever with me <3
    I will Write You first when i get her and than Post the video :)

  4. She is so beautiful and when she will be Alexas forever Baby I am happy for her and lookforward to see Pics from her and her in Person when I visit Alexa somedays :)




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