How To Paint Toffee Topia & Three New Skin Tones

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
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Hi everyone! I am posting these instructions again in case anyone missed them. Here are reference photos for the Toffee Topia skin tone. Click the images to see enlarged versions. I will not be selling a coloring guide for the Toffee Topia skin tone because like I said before, the colors are the same as Apricot Love-A-Lot. The instructions below will help you achieve the darker tan coloring.

Honeybee Myxx is also a deep tan shade but it is more saturated and reddish than Toffee Topia. This is due to the presence of the reddish brown color used for the paint mixtures. Toffee Topia is based on a yellowish brown and is therefore less intense at a glance.

Which skin tone do I prefer? Both skin tones have their place in the doll market, I'd say, which is why I never bothered to replace Toffee Topia with Honeybee Myxx. I'd use Toffee Topia for sleeping newborns and Honeybee Myxx for awake and seemingly older newborns.

How To Paint the Toffee Topia Skin Tone

1. Toffee Topia is a slightly darker tan shade of Apricot Love-A-Lot. Use the Apricot Love-A-Lot coloring guide.
2. Complete Prep & Neapolitan Chiaroscuro.
3. Open your Depth & Details tutorial. Complete the first part of flesh stacking (transitions).
4. Add a thin base layer wash.
5. Make adjustments to the Neapolitan Chiaroscuro. The wash will dull your Neapolitan Chiaroscuro. I always paint three extra layers.
6. When you start the second part of flesh stacking (the mosaic pattern), use the same colors listed BUT for the purple color, do not use Dioxazine Purple 02. Mix a new purple color using Pyrrole Red 02 and Ultramarine Blue (1:1).

Click here to purchase my coloring guides and tutorials.
The Depth & Details tutorial can be purchased here.

Yes, the rumors are true! I wanted to surprise everyone, but since the cat is out of the bag, I am working on three new skin tones.

Cherry Cheeks-  A light Asian skin tone for older babies.
Tinkerblush-  A Caucasian newborn skin tone that will feature many coloring variations.
Vanilla Truffle- A milky biracial/AA/ethnic newborn skin tone.

 I will have samples of these skin tones soon.


  1. Can't wait to see these... the sound so luscious!

  2. Thanks, Norkeita! Glad you're enjoying what you have so far. Your baby looks great!! :):)

  3. Yippy! I can't wait to play with the new skin tones! They sound so lovely!




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