I thought I knew about every kit on the market...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I didn’t do anything at work today but surf the net, LOL. Horrible, but true. Gotta love Corporate America, right? :-)

But anyway, I had a chance to look at Doll Dreams’ website and I discovered two sleeping kits that I love, but never heard of. I thought I knew about every kit on the market! After all, that is my job as a reborn artist. I will admit that I sometimes overlook the lesser known sculptors’ kits. I am so glad I found:

Megan by Heike Kolpin. She reminds me of the silicone Kayla by Wendy Dickison. The chubby face and nose are soooo cute! She will make a perfect ethnic baby for sure. I love her hands, too!

And the same goes for Angie by Jackie Gwin. I am a bit concerned about her size though. 17” can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on my mood, LOL. I am not much of a "preemie person" which is odd considering that I was a preemie almost 27 years ago.

It looks as if these two are open editions, so I can wait to order them. I will try to make time for them in 2010.


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