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Sunday, October 25, 2009
Yippeee! I will be working on a sister for Kaji Kentaro next. I have my "artsy thinking cap" on since the mama is giving me full artistic control.

The new baby will be based on the Estelle kit by Evelina Wosnjuk. I LOVE that particular kit. I am so excited to have the chance to work on her. Her nose and fun expression just melt my heart.

I have seen several medium/dark AA Estelle reborns. They are all totally adorable, but being a "think outside of the box" type of girl, I have a strong need to be unique.

I am considering transforming Estelle into a Latina baby! I created a Hispanic reborn from a pre-darkened doll way back in 2005 [when Genesis paints were virtually unknown to the reborning community].

Painting Hispanic skin tones using Genesis paints could be a challenge for me because I have focused on deeper brown skin tones for so many years. Deeper brown skin tones take much longer to paint than lighter tones because they require more layers of paint. I am accustomed to painting around 15 base layers. When I paint less than 15 layers, I feel as if I haven’t done enough work, and I start to panic. I always add more layers to satisfy my paranoia, and always end up with a darker baby. LOL

Well, this time I am going to break that old habit, I promise! A reborn artist friend suggested that I use lighter brown colors on my palette. That way I can add the 15 layers without worrying about the baby darkening too quickly. That could definitely work. Thanks for the tip, SA!

I may not be able to post many progress shots of Estelle because I will be trying out different cameras. I sold my Nikon D60. It did not have an autofocus feature for my 50mm lens so I decided it wasn’t worth keeping around. I will be trying another Nikon soon….most likely the Nikon D90. Hopefully I can post a few shots along with some color information.

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