Reborning Questionnaire

I know there are reborn bloggers hiding out there! Don't be a grouchy spoiled sport. Drop your rooting needles and have some fun with this questionnaire! :-)

Cut and paste the questionnaire and fill in your answers. If you would prefer not to answer a particular question, simply write "pass" next to the question. No biggie. :-)

Be sure to use "Reborning Questionnaire" in the title of your post so Google and I can find you. ♥ Pass it along!


What is your name? Brooke Nicole

What is your nursery name? None. My real name is good enough, lol.

How long have you been making reborns? Since 2001

What is your favorite reborning activity? Painting skin tones

What is your least favorite reborning activity? Mixing paint, especially more than 3 colors. I also dislike neutralizing pink and orange vinyl.

What is your highest sale to date? $1,950 in 2008 $2,750 in 2010

What is your lowest sale to date? $200 in 2002 for a boo boo

What 3 products can you not live without? Chisel blenders, carbon black 01 paint and Sansodor

What 3 products would you never buy again? Mushroom sponges, Genesis glazing medium, Real Eyes, and German Forked Needles

What is your favorite reborn kit to date? Maybe Definitely Noe!

Which kit did not turn out the way you hoped? Lee Lee prototype by LTR and Adeline by Tamie Yarie

If you could master a new reborning skill, what would it be and why? I would like to master lighter skin tones. So many of my family members have lighter African American skin tones, and I would like to create reborn dolls that look like them.

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