Gudrun Legler's new sleeping baby!

Friday, November 27, 2009

His name is Nico and he is a must have for me. His hands and feet are sheer, realistic perfection! Gudrun's limbs are some of the best I have ever seen! I think Nico will make the perfect Hispanic reborn. ♥

Speaking of Hispanic reborns...

My Hispanic Estelle is coming along nicely. I was intimidated by Real Effect's new vinyl color at first, but once I got going with the thin washes of Raw Sienna, everything worked out. I am painting Estelle's nails, palms and soles today. I hope to post a picture of her soon. I am still SLR-less...I am hoping to get a good deal today (Black Friday) at Best Buy.

About Custom Orders and Pricing for 2010

Off topic: I have received a few inquires through eBay about custom orders, so I am going to post the information here for those interested. Yes, I do accept custom orders for reborn dolls. I am working on a new adoption fee schedule for 2010.

To give an idea of what the new schedule will look like:

The current adoption fees will be adjusted upward to cover the rising costs of materials. A high-end gift assortment will be added to the standard layette of 2009, and the kit painting service will be discontinued. When the new schedule is ready, I will post it here for potential mommies, along with contact information and availability.

I am unable to respond to lots of emails due to time constraints, which is why I do not display contact information here at the blog. Happy holidays, everyone!


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