Can't Do Prototypes

Monday, August 15, 2011

I have received inquiries regarding prototypes, and unfortunately, I am unable to meet the stringent deadlines associated with reborning sample kits. I can't respond to individual inquiries, so I am explaining here why I am unable to help out.

Reborning is not a job for me. Monday through Friday, 8 to 5, I am a human resources generalist at a Fortune 500 company running around the company building like a crazy person. In the evenings, I am mommy to an outspoken soon-to-be kindergartener. I rejoice over the two hours I am able to spend reborning each night after my sitter leaves and my kiddo is in bed. That is my ME time. :)

I have tried to do prototypes in the past and it has not worked out. I realized long ago that working strictly on independent projects (or with collectors who are not concerned with time frames) works best for me. I apologize to all who inquired and thank you all so much for the compliments on my work… and for the faith that I will reborn your kit well. :)

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