Catchlights and Natural Light Photography

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hi ladies! There seems to be a little rumor circulating the doll community. This rumor is in regards to catchlights-- or reflected light seen in the eyes of dolls in photographs.

Many seem to think catchlights are only caused by artificial light sources such as flashes and strobes. The truth is, catchlights can be achieved with both natural and artificial light sources. I have used both types of lighting and I always get catchlights.

These two pictures were taken using 100% natural light. I snapped them mid-afternoon with the doll facing my large patio door. It was a very sunny day and there were no lights turned on in my home. Notice the huge catchlights? *wink*

click to enlarge

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There are several ‘how to’ articles available on natural light and catchlights. Here are two of my favorites:

I hope this post helps put this little rumor to rest. :) Happy Friday!

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