Facebook Messages- Please Send To My Email Instead

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hiya ladies! If you sent a message through Facebook, I can't respond. I am unable to access my Facebook page which is why the page hasn't been updated in over a year, lol. I'll get it worked out with Facebook, but in the meantime and in between time, please send messages to my email brookenicole222 @ yahoo.com.

I have posted my replies below. I am sorry for the delayed responses. I can't reply to your Facebook accounts and I don't know your email addresses. :(

Cristina: About the tear ducts, I would advise making them after you root to avoid damage.:)

Shannon, Jennifer and Cynthia: Please email and we can chat about availability. :)

Ana Maria: You'll have to purchase the tutorial to join my forum. The forum opens in November. :)

Karly: Thank you so much, sweetie! Please tell everyone at your school I said hello and thank you! :)

Michelle: Geovanni is actually sold, but I have a similar Apricot Love-A-Lot Elodie I am willing to sell. :)

Elise: I don't have any slots available, but I do have tutorial dolls occasionally available. Email me and I will tell you who I have. :)

Gayle: Thank you so much for the updates on Bastian! I am glad he arrived home safely! I was worried about him, lol! I also sent an email to your gmail.:)

Lena and Monica: My tear duct tutorial is still available for $10 USD.  Click here to purchase. :)

Brooke: I love your name. :) :) Preston is sold, I am sorry. I will contact you if I have more slots available for sure.

Tina: Thank you! Here is the link to the page you are looking for. :)

Debbie: Sorry, I don't have a tutorial for eyebrows. :)



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