Geovanni's Final Photo Shoot *SOLD*

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Finally, you say? :) Well, I agree. This photo shoot is long overdue. The body I normally use for the Elodie sculpt was not in stock a month ago, so I tried several other bodies. None of the bodies worked out, so Geo sat around waiting and waiting for a photo shoot. *cries* Something told me to check inside of a random Priority Mail box underneath my bed. I was blown away when I found one of my favorite bodies for full legs! I couldn't believe it. It was definitely a miracle. But not as much of a miracle as Geovanni himself. I think he may be my favorite Elodie to date! #inlovewithababydollsocrazyiknow

So now Geo can ship home with the perfect body and all is well in the land of unorganized Brooke Nicole. :) Geovanni's outfit is made by the UK boutique brand Babaluno. It is a two piece set with dungarees and a long sleeved bodysuit. Here is a link to Geovanni's web page:



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