Infant Fashion Sunday: Naartjie Ohmigosh!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Now before you judge me, I must make a disclaimer: I did not purchase all of these outfits. I left one of them behind, hehe. :) I have not purchased any baby clothes in a long time. Notice I have not posted infant fashion in what seems like ages? That's because nothing tickled my fancy. I was shocked to actually find something I liked for a change. I guess most summer clothes are not suitable for reborn dolls due to cloth bodies, so I don't shop much for doll clothing over the summer. But guess what, y'all? Fall is on the way, yippeee! :)

Naartjie is doing it BIG this fall! For those of you who don't speak "black speech", that means Naartjie has designed some of the most adorable pieces! :) I had to have them. I have Kylie Strydom and Shyann almost ready, a privately ordered Elise Michaels, and a Juniper from my private collection. All of them need clothes and Naartjie to the rescue! :)




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