Product Review: Sansodor™

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I know many of you are wondering “What the heck is Sansodor™??” LOL

Sansodor™ by Winsor & Newton™ is a low odor solvent that I use to reborn dolls. Specifically, I use Sansodor™ to thin my Genesis Heat-Set paints.

When I was first introduced to Genesis Paints in 2005, I needed a paint thinner with slow evaporation time. Every low odor solvent I tested evaporated in less than one minute, which is hardly enough time for me to smooth and blend my paints onto the vinyl pieces.

I finally tried Sansodor™ and fell in love! Sansodor™ takes approximately six minutes to fully evaporate and that gives me plenty of time to smooth the paint with cosmetics wedges. The largest size bottle (one liter) lasts me through approximately 10 newborn-sized dolls.

I store my Sansodor™ in a temperature controlled room inside of a locked cabinet and it stays fresh. The odor is indeed low and easy for me to tolerate. When Sansodor™ is baked in the oven; the fumes are strong and smelly. For that reason, I prefer to bake vinyl parts outdoors.

Say goodbye to chalky-looking dolls forever!

Pro: Slow evaporation time which makes the task of blending paint a breeze
Con: Strong odor when baked in oven
Price: $19 - $30 for a one liter bottle
Where to purchase:
Would I purchase this product again: Yes

5/5 star rating

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