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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hi everyone! This post is an update to this post. I received a few questions about eyes last week. I am sorry for taking so long to respond. I have not placed any orders for eyes yet, but Jayne Seddon of Tinkerbell Creations (UK) told me that her chocolate blown glass eyes are dark onyx brown like I want. She also said her eyes have the larger iris. I am not interested in the larger iris at this time, but I will keep Jayne in mind for the future. I will post a review of the eyes if I decide to order them.

Bountiful Baby's item #2455 (609 from KL Glausagen) are apparently "so very dark. You can't really see the pupil unless you look very closely. " Those sound like what I want but Bountiful Baby only sells 18mm and I need 22mm. Bountiful Baby told me they do not plan to restock any time soon.

I am planning to order the 700 series 609's directly from Tohickon Glass Eyes once my schedule calms down next weekend. I also like Eyeco's polymer dark oriental eyes. They are very dark brown, very shiny, and very beautiful! Bountiful Baby sells them. HTH!

Update: Monday, March 29, 2010

I placed the order a while ago..sorry I forgot to update! Delivery will be 3-4 weeks because they come from overseas. :-( I will post a review the second they arrive.


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