Gymboree is the new Baby Gap?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brand New Baby Elephant by Gymboree - $10.73 - $11.33

It is almost like Baby Gap and Gymboree have traded places! Baby Gap's winter designs are like totally horrid, but Gymboree has the most darling pieces I have ever seen this season! What gives? Last year around this time, the Baby Gap orders were flying into my mailbox, but this year, it's all about Gymboree? I am shocked, lol, mostly because I have never been a big Gymboree fan. Anyway, you guessed the rest, I had to have this green set in size "up to 7 lbs". When I went back to Gymboree to check the status of my order, I noticed the blue dinosaur set pictured below. Yup, I clicked the order button again. Can you blame me? :-) Go order both outfits like I did... you know you want to... *wink*

Brand New Baby Dinosaur by Gymboree - $10.73 - $11.33

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