Victoria Leigh

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photo courtesy of eBay ID: mmoodles

I need a petite brown bear to use as a prop for an upcoming photo shoot, so of course I hit good ole eBay to find one. :-) After combing through hundreds of ugly...well, to be kind, let's just call them "less than attractive" bears (hehe), I found this little sweetie! Her name is Victoria Leigh and she is 6.5 inches tall....the perfect size for a 19" reborn. I love the flower on her left ear. I am planning to use a white background for this shoot, and I always use bears with brown fur to help achieve the proper exposure.

I have never explored the Boyds collectible bears line because I tend to focus on Russ [and Ty Beanie Attic Treasures], so I am excited to see Victoria Leigh in person. I will have to hide Vickie from my bear-a-holic 4 year-old daughter so she won't get bear-napped before the photo shoot. :-) My daughter is already wanted for bear-napping four Russ bears. What a criminal, lol!

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