Bunnies By The Bay

Friday, December 04, 2009

Here is another line of clothing I am not really a fan of. I mean, I can't deny the cuteness of Bunnies By The Bay, but in the past, their clothing has reminded me of Halloween costumes (rather than everyday wear). I did love their famous bunny coat though! A relative gave me one for my baby shower. Their outerwear is darling, but I just couldn't love their outfits...

...I was bored last night, so I took a trip to http://www.bunniesbythebay.com. For some strange reason, I just had to have this little hat:

"Bao Bao" Hat by Bunnies By the Bay - $18.00

...And strangely, I could not check out without this dress:

"Girlbug Dress" by Bunnies By the Bay - $34.00

I guess I like Bunnies By The Bay after all? LOL I really have to get help for my impulse buying! Well, the girl dollies in my collection will be happy.


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