Nikon D70

Friday, December 04, 2009

Ok, so I bought a Nikon D70. I didn’t have any luck camera shopping on Black Friday. Best Buy was such a waste of time! LOL

The Nikon D70 is an older model. I got mine used for $229.00. A few photographers at a forum gave me some advice: “Purchasing a bunch of expensive equipment will not make you a better photographer. It is the photographer, not the camera.”

I really needed that advice. I will admit that I sought out expensive SLR’s during 2009 (like the $2,700 Canon 5D Mark II) to improve my photography. I really need to practice more to improve, not spend unnecessary money.

The D70 is a good unit to practice with. I bought a 50mm 1.4 to go with it. Everything should arrive next Wednesday or Thursday, so I can finally get some shots of my Estelle! I finished painting her last night and I am ready to root her hair. Her skin tone turned out nicely. It is very close to my daughter’s fair AA skin tone. I think I finally found a formula for the skin tone I have been desperately trying to achieve since last year. Raw Sienna is the ticket! I wrote down every little thing I did to Estelle. I will post everything soon.



BH sent me an email to say the camera is actually out of stock and issued me a refund. :( I do not know what I am going to get now....I guess I will wait for another to come up. I have a lens on the way though. Yippeee. lol

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