It's Snowing...Yay

Saturday, December 19, 2009

There aren't many things I hate more than snow. This unwelcome East Coast blizzard is driving me crazy. I can’t believe I am going to be stuck indoors all day long with my dogs. My daughter is staying the weekend with my sister, brother in-law and nephew.

I was hoping my mohair would arrive so I can start rooting Estelle, but I doubt the mail lady is gonna show up when there is already five inches of snow smothering the streets. I am not really in a painting mood, but I guess I could finish up with Jazzy and my Trinity kit. Okay enough whining about the white stuff, lol.

Speaking of kits, Andrea Arcello announced two new kits yesterday! I just love the little girl, Niah. I think she would look great with a light tan. *wink*

I purchased the Le Top outfit pictured below for my Estelle reborn. I have to search for the coordinating blanket and hat. I decided against using bright colors for Estelle's photo shoot. I am going for a nursery theme this time around and all of my props have light pastel colors. Wish me luck with this. It has been almost four years since I decorated a nursery....haha

Le Top Baby 'Primrose' Dress & Legging - $40.00

Le Top Baby 'Primrose' Dress & Legging - $40.00

I decided to root my Trinity kit with afro kinky human hair. Trinity's skin tone turned out a light/medium golden brown, and the black hair I already have is too dark for her. I am planning to order some deep brown hair later today.

It will be a while before I can go downtown to the beauty supply store for human hair. If anyone else is looking for kinky human hair, the girls at the natural hair care forum I belong to recommended the online beauty supply store linked below. I have never ordered from them, so I will do some digging to find out if they are legit. I will post an update later on.

Okay, I am off to start painting now. Happy Holidays, everyone!



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I placed an order with and it has shipped out. I will post a review of the hair when it arrives.


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