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Monday, December 14, 2009

Stretch Corduroy Jumper Set by Ralph Lauren - $44.99 SALE

This set is by Ralph Lauren and I am in love! Mr. Lauren sure does use a lot of real fur for his designs, but this one is cruelty-free. I did not find any matching, cruelty-free shoes to go with the jumper set, so I picked out some socks instead:

Scallop Cuffed 3-Pack by Ralph Lauren - $12.00

I only needed one pair, but they come in a set. 12 bucks is a good deal for three pair...

Take-Me-Home Floral Gift Set by Ralph Lauren - $49.99 SALE

...And this is just something I couldn't leave behind! It looks funny in this picture, but I think it will look good on Jazzy. If not, there is always eBay, right? lol


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