WANTED: Onyx Brown Eyes

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A fellow reborner and I were chatting this morning about glass eyes. We agreed that we love solid glass eyes for reborns, but we are having trouble finding dark brown (almost black) glass eyes that do not have a reddish hue.

To further explain, the shade I desperately want is a deep brown, almost black like this:

The only dark brown glass eyes I have ever been able to find are reddish mahogany shades like this:

Okay, now for the rant:

I wish I could go to a store and shop for eyes in person. I have wasted so much money ordering glass eyes searching for the onyx brown shade. Several websites sell eyes that are labeled “dark brown” and also appear almost black in the photographs. I get so excited but when these eyes arrive, they are actually a light reddish brown in person. I have enough reddish brown eyes here to open a museum, ugh...

If anyone can recommend a particular brand or website, pretty please drop me a line. I would be ever so grateful!



  1. Still today ordering eyes based on a picture on a website, the picture is never accurate. I've disappointed a few times.

  2. Thanks to you I now know the proper name to my eyes. ONYX BROWN😍

  3. Lol, someone had to give them a name hehe :)




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