Holiday 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I hope everyone had a great holiday! My family and I celebrated in Atlanta this year. We got in last night and I passed out, lol. I had way too much fun in ATL….so much that I am so sad to see the holiday season end. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I can’t help feeling that way. I am looking forward to next December. I’ll bet my daughter is too. She was even more surprised this year than she was last year!

Okay, so what did I get? hehe

I have a HUGE extended family, so instead of buying individual gifts, we play a gift exchange game. Everybody puts money into a gift account throughout the year. The party hosts use that money to purchase a variety of goodies. Each gift is assigned a number and the adults pick numbers from a hat to determine who gets what gifts.

My lucky numbers this year were 43 and 19. One of my numbers was assigned to a wine refrigerator but since I don’t drink, I traded with my cousin. I ended up with a 24” inch monitor for my desktop and a $50 Macy’s gift card! You know I will be visiting Macy’s baby department verrrry soon, lol.

I received several special gifts including Vera Wang’s Princess spray and lotion, a precious CPK baby, Thatcher (a Russ Berrie teddy bear that I have been wanting), and a pink Juicy Couture laptop bag that I totally was not expecting!

My wonderful parents started a family vacation account for us. Hopefully we can add to it and take advantage of it soon. My daddy stuck with tradition and gave me and my sisters cash. That means it is blogsite makeover time, lol! I think I found a professional graphics designer who can help me.

I got a beautiful, hand-me-down table set from my mother, who according to my father is “running a furniture racket”, lol. Here is a pic of the table set. If anyone recognizes that teacup, it is from Bonnie Chyle’s hollow silicone doll, “Not my Cup of Tea”. hehe

My sisters gave me a pair of darling Juicy Couture ballet flats that I can’t wait to show off this spring. I wonder if this pic my dogs sent them had anything to do with it? ROTFL

Some great packages arrived while I was away, so those count as gifts too! A pair of glass eyes, a couple of baby outfits, and most importantly, my blank Unexpected Arrival kit by Tina Kewy. UA is one of my absolute faves so she is like gold to me. I hope to start reborning her this summer. The afro kinky hair I ordered from is scheduled to arrive today. I will post that review the second I open the box. I am so curious about that hair...


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